The Academy was born from the intuitions of a small group of professionals, who between the 60s and the 70s began to invite to Italy dental specialists coming from all over the world. 

The idea was to approach the international scene in order to deepen their training in the field of prosthetics, a discipline then lacking in cultural information and clinical training.

Over the years, this study group has evolved towards a more formal organization, with the firm encouragement of one of the historical fathers of prosthetic dentistry, Dr. Frank Celenza.

On April 7th 1979, the Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry (AIOP) was constituted in Milan by notarial act of its Founding Members: Adriano Bracchetti, Sergio De Paoli, Gianfranco Di Febo, Francesco Lo Bianco, Vittorio Milani, Pietro Minchiotti, Franco Mongini, Emilio Rastelli, Sergio Zecchin, and by proxy from the United States, by Dr. Frank Celenza, who had strongly encouraged his Italian colleagues along this path. 

Among the main purposes of the Academy was the “disclosure and spreading of scientific prosthetic knowledge” towards an increasing number of general clinical practitioners, to whom prosthetics played however an important role in their daily routine.

A highly innovative element, at that time, was the opening of the Italian Academy towards dental technicians with an equal role, flanking the medical department with a dental technicians branch, represented by two members  elected to the Board of Directors.

The first AIOP headquarter was in Bologna, in Gianfranco Di Febo’s private practice. Vittorio Milani was than nominated President of the Board of Directors and Sergio de Paoli elected as Vice President.

In the early years most of the academy activities were carried out by the founders.

At that time when the Academy still boasted a few members and could not count on any sponsors, there was a great need to promote the AIOP activities and the name of the academy.

Dr. Milani, the first AIOP President, made his home and private practice available on several occasions for many of the initial courses. 

Three years after the Academy foundation, on October 29th and 30th, 1982 the first International Prosthetic Congress was held in Bologna. Many speakers of excellence attended the Congress among whom Arthur Lewin, Frank Celenza, Jan Lindhe, Gerard Kramer, Ronald Odrich, Gerd Henning and Willi Geller.

More than 500 dentists and dental technicians were enrolled in the conference sessions and many of them became new members of the Academy. The event was a great success, giving rise to the style of quality, reliability, scientificity and independence that have distinguished all AIOP events over the years.

Vittorio Milani was then re-elected President until 1992. His gentleness and his total and completely disinterested dedication to the Academy have left an indelible mark, the trace of which has been worthily followed by successive directors.

Surely it is also thanks to AIOP and its members that the Italian Prosthetic Dentistry has grown over the years to the point of counting a great number of professionals, both clinicians and dental technicians, who nowadays are considered opinion leaders worldwide.

The number of members of the Academy has grown so much over time that today it is considered one of the major Scientific Societies on the international scene.


The Academy is governed by the Assembly of Active Members and by a Board of Directors consisting of the President-in-Office, the President-elect, the Executive in office and the Executive Elect of the dental technician section, the Treasurer and four Councillors.

President Odontotechnical Chairman Biennium<
Vittorio Milani 1979-92
Francesco Lo Bianco Andrea Righini 1993-94
Gianfranco Di Febo Roberto Bonfiglioli 1995-96
Adriano Bracchetti Roberto Polcan 1997-98
Mauro Fradeani Giancarlo Barducci 1999-2000
Dario Castellani Luca Dondi 2001-02
Massimo Fuzzi Salvatore Sgrò 2003-04
Francesco Schiariti Franco Rossini 2005-06
Stefano Gracis Pino Lucente 2007-08
Gaetano Calesini Paolo Smaniotto 2009-10
Maurizio Zilli Stefano Petreni 2011-12
Leonello Biscaro Massimo Soattin 2013-14
Fabio Carboncini Roberto Canalis 2015-16
Paolo Vigolo Giuliano Vitale 2017-18
Carlo Poggio Vincenzo Castellano 2019-20

All those who have a legally recognized qualification to practice dentistry or dental technology may become ordinary members of the respective sections of dentistry or dental technology. 

In order to become an active member, it is necessary to be an ordinary member registered with the Academy for at least one year. Documentation of three prosthetic cases personally treated or, in the case of a dental technician, the laboratory phases relating to three prosthetic treatments, will have to be submitted to the Membership Acceptance Committee together with the application and a cultural/scientifical CV.

The Academy also appoints an Honorary Member in the person who, thanks to his/her scientific contribution, has brought particular prestige in the field of medicine, dentistry and dental technology.