Who was Roberto Polcan?

One of the first dental technicians to become an AIOP Active Member and Director of the Dental Technician Section for the two-year period 97/98. Roberto was unable to complete his mandate and suddenly disappeared at the age of fifty leaving a great gap inside the Academy. For his colleagues and students he was, in fact, not only an excellent master dental technician with high professionalism, but also a Man of great human qualities.

Every year The Italian Academy of Prosthetics (AIOP) celebrates the memory of Roberto Polcan on the occasion of the International Congress, announcing a competition with a prize for dental technicians who produce the best prosthetic reconstruction.

1. The Italian Academy of Prosthetics (AIOP) based in Bologna (at Piazza di Porta Mascarella 7) establishes an International Award, named after Roberto Polcan. The Award Polcan is worth € 3,000.00 (three thousand euros) and is made available to citizens of all nationalities who have a degree in dental technology.

2. The competition notice concerns the submission of a dental technician’s work of particular interest for innovation or qualitative excellence. The documentation must be submitted according to the following scheme:

  • a written report with the presentation of the case, the prosthetic treatment plan formulated by the dentist with observations on the materials used, the technical processing steps, the occlusal pattern developed and the considerations on the finished case;
  • a PowerPoint or keynote presentation of a maximum of 60 images in 20 slides in which they are illustrated: the initial presentation of the case with clinical images, if provided by the dentist (not mandatory) and the study models; the working models (master) mounted in the articulator; the diagnostic waxing, if performed; the final waxing with images of the inter-occlusal relations; the structures of the prostheses made in which the precision of the margins is evident and other significant details; the case ended with images that allow to appreciate the occlusal congruence and, if provided by the dentist, the final clinical images.

3. The documentation for the case presentation (point 2 and 4) should reach the Secretariat AIOP (AIM Group – Via G. Ripamonti, 129 – 20141 Milan – 5th floor – Tel.+39 02 56601.1). The documentation may also be sent via Wetransfer to the following email address: no later than November 4th, 2019.

4. The candidate must notify the AIOP Secretariat:

  • surname, first name, date and place of birth, residency;
  • qualification, date, and place of achievement;
  • address, e-mail address and telephone number to which he wishes all communications relating to the competition to be sent;
  • a curriculum vitae and any scientific titles;
  • a declaration that he has not received any other prizes with the same presentation.

5. The documentation will be assessed and judged by a Jury, which may invite the candidate for an interview if it deems it necessary. The Jury will draw up a list of suitable candidates in order of merit. The Jury’s opinion is final.

6. Within and no later than ten days from the date of receipt of the formal communication by e-mail about the awarding of the prize, the assignee must send the AIOP Secretariat – under penalty of forfeiture – a declaration of acceptance, without reservation, of the prize itself, in accordance with the conditions of the competition notice.

7. The prize will be awarded to the winner by the Director of the AIOP Dental Technician Session at the AIOP International Congress to be held in Bologna on 22-23 November 2019. The assignee must be present at the award ceremony in Bologna at the Palazzo dei Congressi, otherwise the award will be cancelled. The winning documentation will be published in the magazine “Quintessenza Odontotecnica”.

8. The receipt of this study award does not give rise to any social security treatment and does not constitute an employment relationship. It shall be subject to the tax system provided for by law.

P.zza di Porta Mascarella, 7 – 40126 Bologna ITALY
Phone Number +39 02 56601.1