FRIDAY 22nd NOVEMBER – 13.00-14.30

SPEAKER: Dr. Carlo Arcara


In indirect restorative dentistry, a wide choice of materials and techniques is now available for every clinical situation.  In this apparent complexity 3M, with the support of an international team of dental specialists, has developed guidelines that, in accordance with the 3 basic rules of the “Success Simplified” philosophy, can lead each dentist in the choice of materials and methods to be used in the 7 phases that normally compose the workflow for the realization of an indirect restoration. The final goal is to simplify the process as much as possible for the best clinical result, thanks to the standardization of the protocols and the consequent increasing control and reliability in the execution of each step.


The 3 basic rules:

1) Select the simplest way to ensure reliable results;

2) Adopt as much as possible minimally invasive techniques;

3) Guarantee a favorable cost-efficiency ratio for both dentist and patient.


The 7 usual steps of the indirect restoration procedure:

1) Material selection;

2) Post & Core;

3) Preparation design;

4) Temporization;

5) Impression taking;

6) Cementation;

7) Maintenance.


During the workshop, the following operative steps related to the fabrication of veneers will be illustrated: starting from a photographic and digital studio, the aesthetic restoration of the frontal group will be planned with particular attention to the phases of the “Success simplified” protocol: 3) preparation design, 4) temporization 5) impression taking, 6) cementation.