FRIDAY 22nd NOVEMBER – 13.00-14.30

Biology and connection – Full-arch rehabilitations and digital protocols

The importance of putting the patient at the center, the true protagonist of our treatment plans, leads us today more than ever to be attentive to the complete achievement of functionality and aesthetics. The scientific evidence along with the daily clinic practice have been very focused on all surgical and non-surgical techniques, which can put us in a position to reach restitutio ad integrum in our patients. The techniques available, supported by ever clearer protocols, are not in competition with each other, but outline important ways to achieve long-term implant success. How much can implant-prosthetic connections help us in achieving these goals?

“Full-arch rehabilitations and digital protocols: what works and what doesn’t?”

Rehabilitations of complete arches on implants still represent a challenge for digital dentistry. We are driven to believe that all the limits of digital flows have been broken down by now, but is it really so? What steps can we actually take today, digitally? What procedures are routine and which are experimental? What changes do these technologies require in the way we work? The opportunities that it would be a pity not to grasp will be highlighted and, at the same time, their clinical limits will be exposed.