During its XXXVIth International Congress, to be held at Bologna Congress Palace, on 16th and 17th November 2017, the Italian Academy of Prosthetic Dentistry will present a brand new initiative.

During the breaks between scientific sessions, in a dynamically organized area,  four dental photography sessions will be made available to the participants with contributions from more than 5 speakers, including dentists and dental technicians.

The recently launched AIOP Photoshow Award is an international contest seeking to promote excellence in this important sector.

The contest shall be expressly addressed to professionals – both AIOP Members and non-members –  who shall  be allowed to partecipate with from one to a maximum of three photographs. The Contest shall open on 1st September and come to a close on 5th November 2017.  Participants shall be allowed to post their pictures directly on AIOP Social Media, i.e. Facebook and  Instagram, with the hashtag #PhotoShowAIOP2017.

Facebook users shall make sure that their posts can be shared with all the participants concerned, through correct privacy settings.

The pictures shall also be posted online on the website, with a view to offering participants the widest possible visibility.

The pictures sent as specified above shall remain the property of their authors. However, AIOP reserves the right to use them.

The Contest Jury shall consist of the Speakers present in the AIOP Photoshow Area (click here to download the Programme). After 5th November, these shall select 10 pictures which will be part of the final group. The same Jury shall appoint  the 3 winners based on the following parameters:

1- Macrophotography

2- Face

3- Effect

The contestants shall be allowed to submit a maximum of 3 photographs. Such photographs can be:

color or B/W photos, in a digital or digitized analog format,  with jpeg extensions, with a minimum resolution  of 300 dpi. Files shall be named based on the following sequence : Surname_First Name_Profession_City_Photo Title.

When sending the photos, please specify: technical characteristics of the photo (e.g.: diaphragm, exposure time, iso), type of equipment used (camera body, lens) flash type and mode  (whole flash, ring flash, scorpion),  flash setting (TTL, manual mode, based on a drop-down menu)

The three Contest winners shall contend for the following prizes:

– Free-of-charge AIOP Membership fee for the year 2018;

– A book or a subscription to a TeamWork Media magazine of their own choice for the year 2018;

– A book on dental photography published by “Quintessenza Edizioni” and a subscription to a Quintessenza magazine for the year 2018.

In addition, AIOP shall invite the 10 participants selected by the Jury to attend the  XXXVIth International Congress free of charge.

This will be a unique opportunity for all dental experts to be in the glare of the footlights and put their ability  to the test.